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Milestones and Thanksgiving

November marks the five year anniversary since the inception of Handy Andy. Since taking on our very first client in the Crest neighborhood of Tarrytown NY, I am thankful for the hundreds of clients that now consider us our personal Handyman and whom we consider one of our family.

We have never spent a cent on commercial advertising and our business has been built completely on referrals. We have always trusted our current clients to recommend good people to us and we hope that they have always felt confident enough in us to pass us on to their family, closest friends and neighbors.

Handy Andy has always striven to support the local communities that provide work for us and seek unique ways to help others. Whether it is working closely with the local Chamber of Commerce, supporting community programs and schools financially, or giving back to others through Pro Bono activities, we have always tried to keep in mind the greater communities that we serve. During this season of thanks, we would like to recognize and thank each one of our clients that have made all this possible. We pledge to always do our best for our clients and keep them in mind when making business decisions.

Some may have heard the occasional message on our voicemail system or seen on our website that we may stop taking on new clients for certain periods of time. We do this to manage expectations and maintain a level of quality and timeliness to our customers. In this regard, we have recently made the decision to tighten our service area exclusively to the Towns of Greenburgh, Mount Pleasant, and Ossining. You can find a list of all the villages and communities that we will continue to serve on our website at:

This change will be effective in January 2020 and will ONLY APPLY TO NEW CLIENTS. If you are an existing client of ours, we are pleased to be your handyman for as long as you would like us to be. The purpose of this change is simply to allow us to run our business operations more effectively, efficiently, and optimally.

Handy Andy wishes everyone a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

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